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here is

5 reasons to choose ixpé


For your event

Reachyour objectives

With a pre-event meeting, we make sure we understand and define your objective with the video. We focus our efforts to serve your goals.


To share your moments as you wish

Get tools to easily and efficiently share your moments with your own world, or the world at large.

  • Web page to share your images and video in a confidential way or not
  • Possibility of live broadcasting on social media or on a confidential page
  • Possibility of creating stories for social media on site



Because we are part of your Gang

With Ixpé, we are momentarily part of your team and we make sure that the video reflects your values and your identity.

The right tools to tell your story

  • Netflix quality video camera
  • Ultra safe drone with ultra high resolution images
  • Fast, dynamic and striking editing
  • High performance photo camera

And most importantly

The emotion of those who are filmed

and those who watch.

By choosing Ixpé, you make the choice to see a video that will reflect the emotion of your event. With a professional capture, you will also have a tool that is vibrant with emotion depending on the angle you choose.

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